…and it keeps getting BETTER by the moments

Making the world a better place
It was just too obvious that I was very limiting when I carelessly said “you have kept me for another 1 year.” One (1) was too small to quantify what we have done together.
A further attempt to say you preserved me for 12 months seems rather unappreciative of me.
I seemingly went ahead to appreciate you for another 52 weeks of your Love and came out thinking I have said enough, only to realize my conscience was frowning at me.😒

Lost in my thoughts, I grabbed my pen, a calculator and tried to impress you with with intellect which I thought was mine. I discovered I had just expended another 8,760 hours breathing your air and I was awestruck as I said to myself, “He should be impressed with that mathematics” and as I bow to give thanks I could only see how empty my heart really was.

That feeling that something was still missing wouldn’t just let me go. So I took a further step, punched a few digits and arrived at a huge sum of 525,600 minutes of your Grace. Wao! You should be tummy filled with those 6 digits and I now thought I had done you a big favour and while cleaning off the dust off my prayer knees, you extended those warm hands of Love, rescuing me from the cold of the harmattan and opened my eyes to the realm I couldn’t ever phantom with that little whitish substance in my skull. With jaws dropped, I realised you made me a millionaire for the period in review as I have just depleted your account by 31,536,000 seconds of your Love, Mercy, Grace, Providence, Guidance, Protection, Preservation.

Those jaws are still dropped and permit me to leave them that way in awe of your wonder even as I enter another year which seems so far already and yet very close. When I get in, I will just close them up, smile back at you with cheeks lifted high and say “We did it Partner. Lets do it again”

Finishing Strong in 2016,



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