We have a daughter! – Letters to bae

But would you want to be remembered for just doing your work, just like everybody else would be?
Real Deep.
If we keep doing things just like everyone else, then they is nothing different about us.

The Real Rhema Blog

Dear future ❤ bae


So before I tell you about our child… (isn’t she pretty by the way? She takes the strong personality of her mummy to a fault!  )… may I share with you my experience on my first week at work? A brief one. Midway through my day, I was informed of a send-off party for a “colleague” – a respected professor who now had an appointment as a vice-chancellor of a reputable university in Africa. During all those speeches, all I could hear myself saying was: “I personally know the vice-chancellor of the University of ….” Heheheehe!

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