From Ghana to Tamale

What do you have in your hand?
Make much of that little in your hand

The Real Rhema Blog

​Dear auntie, we no longer live in Ghana. We have moved to Tamale!


These were my words to my aunt when our family relocated to Tamale from Southern Ghana. At age 6, can you really blame me? Everything was different. Dad had a new job there and we didn’t know what to expect.

I still remember the bus that “moved” us. I even remember the bus driver “did trotro” on the way and picked some women dressed up in the “Christian Mothers Association” uniform😏. Mum had one of those uniforms so I recognized it. I remember them offloading our stuff in front of this blue rusty gate. I still remember where the fufu pestle stood as we waited for the caretaker of our new residence to bring in the keys. As to why I still remember those details, I may never know. 😂

We moved next to a village…

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