I want a degree!

Hat doffed for an honour well deserved.

The Real Rhema Blog

I have noticed, that when I write about my life and my experiences, it usually appeals to a certain kind of audience. Often, it’s young people in the university or just about to enter or perhaps my age mates. The adults who read my posts are often like: “oh yeah, go girl, you have more years ahead of you! Young people must read this!”

And then there is those who are now married with kids (especially ladies), those who now have added responsibilities and have sort of closed channels to any improvements in their lives beyond what they have now. So I decided to talk to you about this woman. Let’s call her, Everlove!

So, Everlove loved the idea of being a teacher someday. You know in these times, most young people are in teacher training colleges and even nursing ones because of assured allowances or perhaps assured jobs in…

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